9 Mind-blowing Facts for Business about FB Messenger BOT Marketing

by Winston
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Have you ever considered setting up a Messenger BOT for your business?

Messenger bots are not just a new trend, they’re your new best friends when it comes to marketing.

As these AI-powered machines are gaining more and more attention, you’re still in time to embrace Messenger BOT technology and stay ahead of your competitors in the same niche.

So, what makes a Facebook bot so effective? Keep reading to find out why this new method of marketing is so exciting.

1. A Messenger BOT campaign has a 98% open rate

An email marketing campaign or an ad may go unnoticed. However, it’s highly unlikely that a messenger notification won’t get opened! If you’re looking to attract more customers, a Facebook bot campaign is the best way to get your offer in front of your leads!

2. Messenger BOTs keep consumers engaged with your brand

The more you engage with your fans, the more likely it is you’ll boost your sales. In other words, a Messenger BOT can help prevent your followers from forgetting about your brand.

3. Messenger BOTs can inform, educate and entertain your fans

What better way to build trust with your next customers than by educating them in a fun and friendly way? A Messenger BOT can do that for you, thus helping you nurture your fans and periodically, draw their attention back to your brand.

4. A Facebook bot can offer your leads a personalized experience

Generic marketing campaigns may not be obsolete, but a Messenger BOT can easily be taught to learn more about your customers and offer them a personalized experience as they interact via chat with your business.

5. Efficient messenger marketing campaigns can gather and analyze consumer data

No marketing campaign is complete without enough consumer data. A Messenger BOT can obtain crucial customer insights that can help you build better and more efficient marketing campaigns for your business.

6. A Messenger BOT can attract new leads and identify cold leads

While it’s a well-known fact that a messenger bot can attract new leads, did you know that these AI-powered machines can also un-qualify tire kickers? Messenger marketing comes in handy when it comes to identifying prospects but it can also be a means of knowing who to avoid, thus preventing you from wasting your time with an ice-cold prospect.

7. Messenger BOTs can identify and solve customer problems within seconds

Offering excellent customer service is definitely going to boost your credibility rate among your fans. As humans, we’re only able to deal with one client at time. A Facebook bot, on the other hand, can handle multiple requests at once and solve your customer problems in no time.

8. A Messenger BOT can be “taught” to be polite

People usually react based on their emotions, especially if the person in front of them is very rude. A Messenger BOT, however, is a machine and can be taught to be extremely polite and nurture even your most difficult clients.

9. Messenger BOTs can take care of the most boring tasks, so you won’t have to

Last, but definitely not least, Messenger BOTs are great at taking over repetitive or boring tasks! If you ever feel overwhelmed by the list of clients you need to reply to, consider setting up a Messenger BOT that can do that for you, so you won’t have to!


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